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Today, when only a few days separate us from the December 1st celebrations, I would like to propose to our readers to think of all the achievements that makes our Union great. For a start, the European Union is the only functional free trade area of the world, one in which people, goods and services… » read more

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The Intractable Mr Klaus

The 2nd of October Yes-vote from Ireland is overshadowed by Mr Klaus’ constant refusal to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, against better advice from most Czech parliamentarians. The tactics he used in avoiding to put his signature on the document are mind-boggling, to say the least. Contesting the treaty twice before the Czech Constitutional Court… » read more

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UK Political Storm Over

The last two weeks or so have been especially testing for British premier Gordon Brown. First, the MP expenses scandal rocked the “mother of all parliaments”. Last week, backstabbing was the order of the day, no less than six cabinet members giving up their positions and provoking a huge reshuffle. By Monday night the storm… » read more

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