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Although the United States and its allies have won two military victories in Afghanistan and Iraq, a few years down the track they are facing strategic defeat in both countries. In Iraq, where neo-conservative foreign policies all but buried the movement, a major shift in the regional power arrangement is emerging. In Afghanistan the US… » read more

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Iraq’s power vacuum

More than six months since citizens voted in the country’s second parliamentary elections since the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is still without a government. Although no political bloc had won an outright majority, the secular Shiite Al Iraqiya alliance won most seats, two more than the sectarian Shiite alliance headed by the current premier… » read more

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Nation-building fiasco

The 2003 military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime was supposed to lessen the danger, for the West and especially for Israel, of state-sponsored terrorism. If the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan were successful however, what followed could rightfully be called a fiasco. As of this month, for example, oil-rich Iraq has become a parliamentary… » read more

Posted by Florian Pantazi