Spotlight on Geopolitics

The British parliament’s historical anti-Brexit deal vote is the latest act in a series of events affecting the performance of Western democracies worldwide.

From the US, France and England in the West to Italy and Greece in the South of the European continent, passing by Hungary, Poland or Romania, Western-style democracies and parliamentary systems are going through a huge crisis generated by the lack of confidence felt by millions of voters in the effectiveness of their mechanisms.

As yesterday’s vote in London or the yellow vests’ popular revolt in France prove, hitherto well-established parliaments are discredited in the eyes of the electorate, as are most traditional politicians. To make matters worse, formerly powerful parties of the right as of the left are out of favour with voters, who, in ever-increasing numbers prefer populist parties and political platforms instead.

This extremely dangerous, if not unheard-of, political climate can squarely be blamed on the nefarious activity of the West’s billionaire elite. The people with real power in the West are no longer the elected politicians or the members of government. For a few decades now, real political power lies with the members of the Bilderberg club and Trilateral Commission, who are able to impose their policies, as well as the political leaders to carry them out with the help of the CIA, of a monopolised and subservient press and of social media. Indeed, most newspapers and television stations have ceased to be independent and are owned by billionaires who are able to influence public opinion to ensure desired objectives. American presidential election outcomes and Brexit have recently been made possible through the data supplied by social media behemoths, also in the hands of billionaires. We have, to be sure, a plutocratic political arrangement still masquerading as democracy.

Western economies are likewise dominated by a small number of global corporations which pay little or no taxes, thus starving governments of the financial resources needed in order to adequately care for their citizens.

As much as they like to deflect blame away from themselves towards “dark” external forces, the reality is that the Soviet Union exists no more, and China – while still a Communist one party state – is deeply involved in the global capitalist economy and has no hidden agenda of undermining Western democracies. Pointing at scapegoats abroad for the Western world’s mega problems like increasing income inequality, stagnant economies and wages, or imploding political systems is not an option this time around.

In Europe, the current agony is exacerbated by a class of Brussels apparatchiks who, over the past 2 decades, have continously eroded the decision-making power of national parliaments, to the point of trying to arbitrarily impose favourite politicians as presidents/premiers in countries like Romania, or immigration policies at odds with popular will in Visegrad states. Imposing financial straitjackets on France, Italy or Greece, causing popular upheavals in the process, is yet another ill-inspired policy from Brussels, and the list can go on.

The British parliament’s failure to agree on a Brexit deal marks the point of no return in the decline of Western parliamentary democracies. This is the natural outcome of decades of systematically undermining democratic institutions and principles. Real political power has been invested elsewhere. Westminster’s utter failure, as the mother of all parliaments, to serve the interests of British citizens proves that today’s democratic institutions and mechanisms are no longer able to deliver successful policy outcomes – or any sort of outcome, for that matter.

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