Spotlight on Geopolitics

As a geopolitician, I have been tempted for quite a while to consider the anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda in the West as being a reaction to the shift in the global balance of power in the two countries’ favour.
Not anymore.
Western elites’ irreconcilable differences with Russia and China lie somewhere else altogether. Think about it. The anti-Putin propaganda started in earnest in 2011 when Mrs Clinton was the US Secretary of State, long before the stalemate in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin had been successful in reversing Boris Yeltsin’s policies that gave a handful of billionaires, like Berezovski, a huge say over Russian affairs. About the same time, the same lady embarked on an Asian tour together with American Defense Secretary Gates in search of allies against China, which was growing economically more powerful every year.
Do Russia or China, however, pose an existential threat to the West ? Here, decent Western analysts recognize the fact that both countries are interested in trading with the West, not in undermining its political systems or in preparing for hostile military actions against it.
Why then are Western elites hell-bent on encircling the two countries militarily with their bases and undermining their economies through trade sanctions ?
The answer to this question is that, politically, the West is at the mercy of its owners of capital, with its billionaires representing just the tip of the iceberg. The moneyed elite has all the power over Western states and their politicians. In other words, there is absolutely no separation between financial and political power: the first buys up the second and keeps it on a tight leash. To be more explicit, Western political systems are built and operated in a way that caters exclusively to the interests of the owners of capital, with very scant regard being paid to the needs and interests of the majority of their population.
The power of billionaires to influence or have a say in Russia and China’s state affairs or economic policy does not exist. Sure, they have rich elites, but members are prevented from interfering with or dictating to the professional politicians and members of the state apparatus – army, secret service and the like. In other words, Russian and Chinese politicians are much more powerful than any of their Western counterparts, and this is especially true at the top. Neither Vladimir Putin nor President Xi can be considered the puppets of their countries’ billionaires, as it often happens in the West, where prime ministers or presidents have as their only power that of enforcing the decisions and policies which favour their moneyed elite.
This huge difference between the West’s political systems – totally at the mercy of the rich – and that of Russia and China where exactly the opposite is true, is highly unsettling for Western elites. Through their newspapers, television stations and huge influence over Western secret services, Western moguls promote – in parliaments and in the media – anti-Russian and anti-Chinese policies. These are aimed squarely at toppling the political leadership of Russia and China. In truth, the Western moneyed elites are afraid to allow such huge countries to be militarily or economically powerful and to even set an example for their population of how the rich should be treated when they act against the general interest.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Western elites rallied in a very similar fashion against Austria-Hungary and Russia. It is common knowledge today that the First World War with its devastating consequences had as its ultimate aim the destruction of the last two remaining European empires, which had different political systems that were at odds with what the West has touted – and still does – as “democracy”.
Today, the risk of starting a confrontation of a similar nature between the West and Russia or China is simply too great to ignore. One should keep in mind, however, that unlike Austria-Hungary or the Tsarist empire, today’s Russia and China are two very powerful countries that cannot be successfully defeated like in 1918. If anything, such a misguided effort could only result in the ultimate destruction of the wealthy classes of the West, which haven’t been noted lately for having the intellectual capacity to correctly grasp their true situation.

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