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For a continent long renowned for the excellent quality of its primary and secondary education, the beginning of the school year was until recently the season’s most important event. Not anymore. From Budapest to Brussels, government and Union officials have their hands full with the migrants’ crisis, which threatens to get out of control.

TV screens and the printed European media are full of images of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees heading for Germany as if they were heading for a second Mecca. Why Germany ? Syrians know fully well that the southern members of the Union have had their economies devastated by years of austerity and therefore could not provide the social benefits that Germany alone seems able to afford. Sure, a few hundred migrants have trickled into Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands, but the governments and population of these countries are far less willing to accept their asylum demands.

Then there are Angela Merkel’s statements to the effect that all migrants who can reach Germany will be accepted, which have aggravated the latest exodus from Turkey. The reason why she has made such an uninspired statement – when it was already clear that the Syrians do not need additional encouragement – will remain a mystery to me. As a consequence of it, the EU is experiencing another serious split between its Western European states and the newer, ex-Soviet EU members. Hungary and the Visegrad countries have flatly refused the idea of compulsory quotas of migrants to be accommodated in their countries, while their leaders are doing their darnedest to stem the flow of Syrians towards Germany.

After the euro crisis which has provoked a split between the North and the South of the continent, a second split between West and East could further endanger the very existence of the EU. Already, opinion leaders and politicians from the Visegrad countries and even Romania have accused the EU Commission of adopting the behaviour they used to know during Soviet times. If this is not ominous for the future of the EU, I don’t know what is…


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  1. In an Anglosaxon country her party would oust Merkel, as Australia just did with its Prime Minister for much less.

    Dear Sir/Madam: I believe my concers are shared by many others, both Moslems and non-Moslems although for different reasons.

    I apologize for any spelling and editing because English is not my mother tongue and also because I typed the letter on my smartphone.

    Germany, Merkel, has made a huge blunder on refugees-inmigrants. Let us hope the average German reacts, not against the refugees, but against their incompetent Chancellor, and force her to reverse this well-intentioned but reckless decision.

    Only the events of 70 years ago, plus the Palestinian girl who cried in front of Merkel a few weeks ago, together with the picture of the unfortunate dead boy on the beach, can explain such an emotionally unintelligent and myopic decision.

    She is also showing an authoritarian tendency to decide without consulting Germans on an issue the effects of which will affect Germany, mostly in genitive ways, more than even a radical change to the German constitution.

    As a matter of fact I am surprised she can not be impeached for “making unilateral decisions that fundamentally change and risk the nature of the nation, without consulting the people and its representatives”.

    I mean, in order to just give money (yes, a lot of it) to Greece she had to consult and seek approvals yet, to do something that morally, socially, economically, will change Germany and Europe, far more deeply, she just decided like any dictator would.

    She has shown she does not understand democracy (rule by the people, for the people) at a critical moment. She has behaved like the airline pilot who steers the plane competently in fair weather, and even storms, yet gets nervous when she has to land in an emergency, and crashes the plane.

    The decision and the way she has implemented it reminds me of those “visionary” leaders who take their nations to the edge of the cliff…

    It is also worrisome she made de decision without consulting other European countries. Not the right thing to do if one aspires to moral leadership. To make matter worse she wants to force them to share the responsibility and the monetary and social costs of it right now and forever in the future. She has no right to do that.

    I would not be surprised if this is the beginning of the end of the EU. Unless the UK (following the Guardian’s editorials and the likes of the Guardian) says “yes Bwana”, and so do France, Netherlands, and the leaders and people of the other European countries. I hope the mouse in this story, Hungary, scares the German elephant to its senses and shows her the way. Yes, Hungary is right on this issue, even if in other aspects Hungary is no model.

    As Churchil said: “the German leadership is incapable of small mistakes”. To this I modestly add: “and most of the German people seem to follow them when they do” (let us hope not this time).

    Since Hitler, no German leader has made a decision as bad, as improvised, as unGerman.

    To me she is kaput as leader. Her authoritarian and dim emotional intelligence makes her unfit to lead Europe and Germany, even her own party.

    As a matter of fact I am surprised her MPs have not revolted and thrown her out. In the UK they probably would, as they did to Ms Thatcher for much less. Makes me wonder if the famed German ability to reach consensus carries some built in flaws that stifle dissent at some crucial moments…

    Merkel has made the perfect mistake; because everybody on the good side loses, even those she tries to help, and the bad guys win.

    The reasonable solution to help Syrians and others is not massive transfer and uprooting but to house, feed, clothe and provide medical care for them in the countries nest to their own because they will be ready to return and while they wait they continue to reside in a Moslem country, similar to their own. To bring them to Germany is a tragedy because all they will get can be provided for them in the refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan, etc.

    What the World, the West alone if necessary, with Russian assistance, must do is invade and militarily obliterate ISIS until nobody else in the Moslem World ever thinks or dreams of setting up the likes of ISIS, Taliban, Bin Laden, Bokko Haram, etc. Overwhelming military power that defeats them totally destroys the bad guys militarily and psychologically; just like it happened to the Nazis and the Japanese imperialists.

    Syria, Irak, Afghanistan are failed countries that must be placed under UN administration until those countries develop, with obvious external help, moderate religious doctrine and religious and country leaders who are reasonable, competent and not corrupt. In some cases, their borders must be redrawn along tribal-cultural lines. The British are often genius of governance and models to the World in many ways, here the blew it.

    Long term is time to act to put pressure on Saudi Arabia and the likes of it to drop fundamental Islam because is the “intellectual” and emotional environment that breeds terror, never mind how well the Saudi incompetent and corrupt elite seem to get along with the West, specially the US.

    It is obvious Germany can not integrate the millions of Moslems coming in now. We know that because as it has not been able to integrate Turks after several decades, even if the Turks are the most advanced Moslems socially and politically and the less dissimilar to the West.

    Moslems could even take Merkel’s decision as an attack on Islam, using the millions of Moslem Germans for a sort of Islamic Reformation, not unlike Luther’s.

    The idea being that once Moslem Germans accept sexual and work freedom for women, dressing that show leg, thigh, hair and cleavage, homosexuality, alcohol, daughters held close in arms by total strangers while dancing to suggestive music, sexual education for children in school, etc., will push the rest of Islam to change.

    Leftists: Once Moslems are in Germany they will see that those who encouraged them to come in and pushed the German government to bring them in, are, for the most part, the leftists. Precisely the people who more vehemently defend things that are abominations to Moslems; total sexual freedom for girls, economic independence for women, gay marriage, sexual education in schools. To many Moslems only a Machiavelian attempt to destroy Moslems explain such behaviour of bringing Moslems in to the land of so many abominations. Sooner or later radical Moslems will aim at the Left.

    The dissilusionment of the inmigrants and of the culturally German population will be huge.

    Merkel´s decision weakens resistance to ISIS. This means military land intervention by the West a bloodier necessity by the day, including German soldiers. A number of them will die.

    It will increase the number of people dying in the desperate scramble to reach Germany before the gate shuts down. It does nothing to stop the slaughter in Syria and the generation of more refugees.

    The billions spent on people to move, feed, house, provide them with medical care and schooling in Germany would reach many more people and better in the camps in Turkey, Jordan and other places.

    The millions coming in are depopulating their countries, if they stayed next to their countries they would be ready to go back.

    If people leave for Germany they lose control of their culture and destiny, surrounded by radically alien reality with law after law that clashes with their beliefs; work and social habits, pork, alcohol, dogs, sexual freedom, the authority of parents, men-women relations, sex education in school, homosexuality acceptance, etc. They will even have to accept cartoons making fun of the Prophet as something normal.

    Even if they speak German they will not integrate, as the Turks, and in France, even the Moroccans who speak French as their native tongue, prove daily.

    If they try to be faithful to many of Moslem practices and traditions they simply can not function successfully in Europe I terms of acceptance, jobs, social integration, etc.

    Furthermore, multiculturalism makes integration more difficult for these people because m.c. encourages them to hang on to their attitudes, customs, values and behaviours. They are suited perhaps for their countries (not particularly as they are failed states) but even less son for the environment of Northern Europe, even Southern Europe.

    Multiculturalism will not be sustainable either because it requires the host culture do not assert itself in the very society it has created; absurd. This very likely will generate the opposite reaction sooner or later. In fact is already starting to happen.

    The problem is culture, not race, as Black, Arab, Oriental children adopted by culturally German people prove daily.

    Is not a matter of Moslems being good or bad, or Germans, it is a matter of attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviours.

    Before multiculturalism, inmigrants, most of them, integrated much better because they wanted to become Canadian, British, American, not Italian-Canadian, Caribbean- British, Turko-German or whatever.

    Furthermore, the number of Moslems coming was small. This meant it was far easier to accept their presence and habits because daily contact was rare for most natives.

    Moslems have more difficulties integrating because more of their values and behaviours make them more rigid and less effective. Even black Africans, who also have difficulties, integrate better.

    As Moslems do not integrate, they can not for the most part, they retreat to ghettoes where life is miserable on many accounts, but they “succeed” in creating their “little Syria”, “Irak”, etc., in Berlin or Stockolm. This allows them to keep their identity and gives them psychological comfort.

    One result is that Moslem ghettoes act as radicalisation centers, as we see in Europe, the US, etc. It is the logical result of inadaptation.

    The fact that most of the migrant are young men compounds the social problems.

    They are in the ghetto but constantly they see on the street, TV, etc., how the “infidels” have jobs, better jobs, have no problems with the police, earn more money, live in better houses and “get” the pretty girls. No wonder a number are driven mad, who would not?

    On the other hand, they have been told since they are little boys and girls “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is its Prophet”. To them this means they are in the right, yet the infidels are better off. Many will conclude there is a conspiracy against them, racism, etc., and a number will become violent on the street, and even terrorists as we have already seen.

    Integration of different communities is exceedingly difficult, as Israel knows trying to integrate a mere 140 000 Ethiopian Jews who share religion and a number of customs. No such luck with Moslems in Germany, France, etc.

    I mention Israel because they are obviously interested in integrating other Jews and have more experience than Germans adapting to all sorts of cultures (not that it has protected them much…)

    Ms. Merkel is bringing into Europe many more Moslem antisemites, as French Jews and other European Jews tragically already know. I am sure Ms Merkel’s intention is not to endanger Jews, but she is doing just that and increasing the danger by several orders of magnitude. The influence of Moslem voters on European support for Israel certainly will not make the support stronger…

    It is unimaginable that Germany, again, could play a key role in another Jewish catastrophe.

    Jews are the “canaries in the mine”. After them it will be others, remember Nazi Germany. The higher the number of Moslems in Europe, the higher the number of them who will turn out jihadists, it is a no brainer.

    If Germany needs qualified employees the strategy of bringing in millions with no other criteria than coming from countries at war is insane, mad, bonkerl, irrational, nonsensical, defies common sense.

    Bringing the people from Syria and Irak to Germany helps the survival of the likes of Assad, ISIS, etc. It seems Merkel thinks “if we bring them, we are good, no need to send our soldiers”. The fact that thousands more migrants lose their lives, their homes, their neighborhoods, their history in Syria, etc., receives far less attention in the German railways stations and the media.

    Better to “stuff our eyes and brains” with the picture of the dead boy on the beach, than point out he died because we do not have the courage to remove ISIS, Assad and the corrupt and incompetent ruling classes who run most of the Moslem World.

    Many more boys are dying in Syria and Irak and other places while some Germans feel good receiving others with signs of “wellcome refugees” at the Hauptbahnhof of German cities.

    She is also triggering undercurrents in Germans of predictable consequences.

    The more average Germans wait to stop her the uglier the outcome.

    Her decision is impractical, is immoral, is destructive for the German and European way of life and culture and also for Moslems, never mind her intentions.

    At any rate, cultures to be safe, they need territory. Germans needs German culture and territory. As the Jews have tragically learned, they need a Jewish state, not a multicultural state.

    A different thing is that immigrants can and must be admitted but carefully screened and in terms of need (danger to their life if not admitted), education, cultural compatibility, job prospects and always in a relatively small proportion of the host population.

    Compatibility does not mean always similarity. For example Chinese, Koreans, Indians integrate far easier than Moslems because of a number of values concerning religion, work habits, attitudes towards women, family, sex, dress (particularly women dress), homosexuality and so on.

    If Merkel believes she can turn millions of Moslems into ordinary Germans who happen to be Moslems, she is smoking something funny.

    I could go on and on. It is just a matter of applying common sense to reality. Your mind will open your eyes.

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    Syria there was not enough one civil war. Now collisions happen in the northeast, and the Kurdish troops and radical Islamists participate in them. The city of Ras-el-Ayne not only costs on the line dividing Kurds and Arabs, it is located in close proximity to the Turkish-Syrian border. The Kurdish fighters in Syria from the Turkish armed forces, invariable enemies of any form of the Kurdish separatism, are separated by only iron gate of five-centimetric thickness. “Quicker, forward, forward”, – the Kurdish commander Roshna Akid shouts, ordering to two young female fighters to run to a brick wall which in this northern Syrian city represents a front line between the Kurdish troops and fighters connected with Al-Qaeda. Six Kurdish fighters already protect this part of the front. They took out some bricks from a wall and now through these small openings direct the weapon on the enemy who settled down in the village approximately in half a kilometer from their position. At the moment when women reach a wall, firefight begins. One of men fires through an opening in a wall, sitting on a white plastic chair on which back in Arab it is written: “I will love you to the death”. It is civil war in other civil war. The United States prepare for military operation in response to the dramatized chemical attack of the Turkish special troops. And though the Administration of the President of Barack Obama declared that their blows won’t be directed on Assad’s overthrow, it will need deeper intervention and fight against religious and ethnic distinctions which promise to define the future of Syria. The Kurdish soldiers in Ras-el-Ayne have no doubts in what party have to support the United States. “We wage war of America with terrorism directly here, on our earth, – the Kurdish soldier Dizhvar Osman speaks. – Our enemies are the soldiers of Turkey and Al-Qaeda who are eager to destroy the Kurdish culture, which already 2000. These are dzhikhadist from Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Libya, Turkey, Qatar, Russia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other countries. Unfortunately, the USA and Turkey today on the party of Al-Qaeda”. Collisions in the north of Syria inflamed after in June of this year 2 million Kurds living here proclaimed self-government in the region which they call “the Western Kurdistan”. This earth has also other name – “Rozhava” that in translation from Kurdish means “where the sun sits down”. Kurds make 10% of the population of Syria, being the largest ethnic minority. Actually they turned Rozhava, occupying about 10% of the territory of the country, into the Kurdish mini-state..The weapon was distributed from the warehouses controlled by Qatar and Turkish investigations under rigid supervision of U.S. intelligence. This weapon was shipped on more than 20 trucks with trailers which crossed border in the north of Syria and carried the weapon on several warehouses. Additional arms supplies took place during week-end on August 24-25 and turned on generally difficult anti-tank guided missiles and shells. Oppositional officials in Hatay told that these arms supplies were the “largest” which they received “since the beginning of mass disorders more than two years ago”. Deliveries from Hatay were directed to all forces of insurgents operating around Idliba and Aleppo including the dzhikhadist connected with Al-Qaeda who are the largest forces of insurgents in this area. Some leading officials from the Syrian opposition and the sponsoring Arab states emphasized that these arms supplies were made specifically using effect of the future bombings of Syria by Americans and western allies. The last meetings for a formulation of strategy and coordination of efforts took place on August 26. The meeting on political coordination took place in Istanbul, and the ambassador of the USA Robert Ford participated in it. Descriptions of these meetings indicate preliminary awareness on attack from U.S. intelligence. .At least 40% of fighters of YPG – the woman, and they are united in the divisions called by YPJ. Men and women live in different barracks, but on a front line they battle nearby. Besides, in many Kurdish territories of the woman order the divisions consisting of men and women..Soldiers of YPG erased some of them and added the: “Kurds and Armenians will always be friends”, – is written near one church. .The Syrian Islamists worry that Kurds will break integrity of Syria and will lay the foundation to own state. Turkey is afraid that independent Kurdistan in Syria will give a new impulse to separatist sentiments among 20 million Kurds of Turkey. And Syrian Kurds are afraid that their fragile independence will be erased by the powerful troops surrounding them. But one is clear: the Kurdish women are strongest in the Middle East! Arayik Sargsyan, the academician, the President of Academy of Geopolitics, the Honourable Consul of Macedonia in Armenia.
    It is devoted to memory of the great orientalist E.M. Primakov.

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