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Not the Clintons Again !

Joe Klein of Time Magazine has recently published an editorial about the Clintons’ renewed presidential ambitions. (“The Clintons need a restart“, Time, September 9, 2013, p.21). According to him, there is a real danger for the Democrats – not to mention for the rest of us – that coming 2016 H. Clinton might just get back into the Oval Office, courtesy of corrupt Democrat politicians and of the “ morbid state” of the Republican party.

Klein is careful to remind readers the Clintons’ past and present excesses, such as the renting of the Lincoln bedroom, the Clinton Foundation’s “fancy conferences” and fees to match ( between 200,000 dollars for H. Clinton going up to 700,000 dollars charged by W.J.Clinton for a speech in … Nigeria), lobbying on behalf of the plutocracy through Teneo and Clinton Global Initiative, closeness to Wall Street bankers and the list could go on.

The real danger here is that such leading representatives of the “ gauche-caviar”,-as the French call Socialist leaders that sold out to the plutocrats – do lasting damage both to the party propelling them to power and to the society as a whole ( remember the Clinton’s attitude to financial deregulation, which brought about the Great Stagnation ?) In Germany, since the Volkswagen-Schroeder labor market “reforms” , the SPD has lost two consecutive elections and the “working poor” numbers have increased dramatically.

In truth, candidates to the gauche-caviar status ( which can on occasion include conservative leaders such as France’s former president Sarkozy) still lurk around and do not seem to have learned anything from their older peers, nor apparently did their parties. This is reason enough for the Bilderberg bosses – the ones who selected and financially supported Clinton’s first bid for the presidency back in 1991, when he was but an obscure Arkansas politician – to rejoice and to continue through their meddling to put at risk the normal functioning of Western economies and/or democracies.

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