Spotlight on Geopolitics

If we are to believe Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group and David Gordon, former director at the State Department, we have been living – for a number of years now – in a leaderless world, after decades with the US at the helm..

For the two specialists in geopolitics and geo-economics, as well as for economist Nouriel Roubini, the G20 is a mere discussion club that could actually lead members into conflict instead of providing the organisational formula for solving the ills of the global economy. In short, in both economic (the EU’s sovereign debt crisis) and military (Libyan intervention) matters, the US is displaying an unusual orientation, that of ‘leading from behind’.

The demise of unipolarity, which followed the US’ military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, does seem to lend credibility to the thesis of the G-Zero world order. This, in my view, might in fact represent a mere hiatus between the end of the bi-polar world and the advent of the G-2 world. Specialists know what I am referring to here. (sources: NYT, Foreign Affairs)

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