Spotlight on Geopolitics

NATO involvement is a bad idea

The latest developments from Tripoli and surrounding towns demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gaddafi is a madman. By attacking his own population and killing them indiscriminately, he and his family are disqualified from the human race, let alone from leading an important oil producing country like Libya.

Whilst concern in most capitals for the fate of their citizens caught in the fighting is justified, involving NATO in Libya could prove disastrous for the West. Over the past few days, Anne-Marie Slaughter and NATO general secretary Rasmussen have unwisely been trying to advocate exactly that. Already involved in Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, NATO cannot intervene in Libya without reinforcing the Arabs’ perception that the West would use any opportunity to get its hands on their resources and/or interfere, in an unwarranted manner, in their internal affairs.

Still, the Libyans do need help to deal with Gadafi’s security forces. To that end, a speedy Security Council approval of limited military assistance should be forthcoming, authorising military entities such as the French and maybe Spanish foreign legions to enter Libya, contain and destroy Gadafi’s forces, capture him and his family and bring them to justice. Any other form of military assistance at this point in time could only play into the hands of Islamic extremists, a development that neither ordinary Libyans, nor Western nations would tolerate. (source: The Guardian)

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