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Andrew Wilson is a senior research fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations. In an article published on Project Syndicate in November 2010, he analysed the geopolitical situation of countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia and made a series of recommendations for the EU’s new Foreign Service. Irrespective of whether I subscribe or not to his point of view, Andrew deserves our respect at Blogactiv, for the effort that went into his research and policy papers. For academically-qualified bloggers, giving credit to the original author of an idea or an article is an obligation, being taught as such in most universities across Europe to undergraduate students in their first year.

To my dismay, a colleague of ours has written a post about the “Tito-isation” of Ukraine, without acknowledging where the label was coming from, thus giving the impression that it just sort of…naturally occurred to him. I have immediately recognised Andrew’s work, and on behalf of my younger colleague I wish to offer him my regrets for the incident.

I have already come to miss Stanley Crossick’s posts. He always acknowledged his sources or, even better, gave a link to them. Well, here are the two links I have referred to: Andrew’s original article Georgi’s post

Not being original is not the worst that can happen to an intellectual ! Using other people’s work without quoting them is far worse…

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  1. Dear Florian,
    I am not going to apologise, because I never knew of this piece before you published the link.
    I am not surprised that different people can have the same ideas, are you?

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