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EU: A question of priorities

After hearing daily about the problems experienced by the EU’s common currency, austerity measures and the like, one might be forgiven for being inclined to believe that the crisis and its ugly aftermath are the most important issues confronting us all. In fact, the most disquieting development, as suggested by a recent poll published by… » read more

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This autumn’s wave of demonstrations in Paris and other European capitals were expected to spare London, the citadel of neoliberalism. Various experts were hard at work trying to explain in the media why, in England, ordinary people would accept the most savage budget cuts since the war without resistance. Even the Liberal Democrats, who before… » read more

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Other people’s secrets

The secret US intelligence files and diplomatic correspondence released by WikiLeaks have not stirred my interest enough to read them in detail. To me, most of them are other people’s secrets. Important as some of these might be, I find it somewhat indelicate to take advantage of the opportunity of studying them this way. At… » read more

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