Spotlight on Geopolitics

On the 14th of April, Romania has signed an understanding with Azerbaidjan and Georgia for the transport of some 20 million cubic metres of gas annually from the Azeri fields to EU countries. The venture is costed at between 2 and 4 billion euros, should become operational in 2012 and has the merit of avoiding countries like Turkey, Ukraine and Russia. (source: and )

The gas is to be liquefied in Georgia, transported in LPG form by sea from Georgia to the Romanian shore, where it would be reconverted into gas and sent by pipeline to countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary and possibly beyond. This would lessen dependence on Russian supplies and could help prevent winter shortages in future.

The “Little Nabucco” would complement the two other projects, the Russian South Stream and the EU-backed Nabucco, also aimed at bringing Central Asian gas to Europe. By bypassing larger countries and dealing directly with Azeri producers, Romania stands to make a positive contribution to Europe’s energy strategy.

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