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The Menace of Terrorism

The frontline states in the fight against global terrorism, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are two poor, non-Arabic Islamic nations. Every week, regular soldiers belonging to the Pakistani army or the coalition forces in Afghanistan are being killed by Talibans, whose guerrilla fighting tactics have been branded by military analysts as daring and innovative. Could Pakistan’s nuclear facilities be next on the terrorist hit list, and how could such a danger be avoided ?

The guerrilla attack against the central command of the Pakistani army on the 10th of October is a case in point. Located at only 14 km from Islamabad, the country’s capital, the assault led to the killing of two superior officers and two days of fighting with the terrorists, who for a brief period of time succeeded in taking hostages and controlling the building. The attack demonstrated that Taliban terrorists could hit any target in these two countries, one of which disposes of nuclear weapons that could conceivably fall into the wrong hands.

From Russia and China to New York and London, Islamic terrorism has proven its ability to successfully hit sensitive targets, to maim and kill thousands of civilians and to engage hundreds of thousands of Western army troops, in countries like Afghanistan or Irak. Undaunted, the Iranian Islamic regime continues with its nuclear programme despite being threatened with Western sanctions. In many countries around the world, including in Europe, terrorists are able to obtain travel documents, money and shelter, which allows them to continue their deadly confrontation with the West, China or Russia.

Today’s extreme gravity of the Islamic terrorist menace calls for a global co-ordination of efforts in order to defeat it. As most of the target countries are also permanent members of the UN Security Council, an anti-terrorist committee grouping experts from all permanent members of the Council should take over the task of co-ordinating individual nations’ efforts to fight terrorist groups, at home or abroad. Failing this, the world is going to be confronted with terrorism for years to come, with no real chances of success in sight.

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