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US: A Farewell to Arms

The Obama Administration’s decision to scrap the infamous missile shield in Europe has to be considered one of its most important foreign policy decisions to date. Almost immediately, premier Putin of Russia has called it “just and courageous” and has promised to abandon plans to place Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. Chancellor Merkel and president Sarkozy… » read more

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While the financial crisis has wiped out two thirds of Russian tycoons’ equity value, plunging oil and gas prices are projected to diminish Russia’s income from energy sales by more than 20 billion euros in 2009 alone. Undaunted, the giant gas supplier Gazprom intends to push ahead with plans to build Russia’s most expensive gas… » read more

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Is Russia Heading…

Towards Dictatorship ? Ever since the close of the Russian presidential elections, Western pundits have been asking themselves whether Russia is heading towards a dictatorship of sorts, or is still trying to fulfill the democratic aspirations of the Russian electorate. Admittedly, the presidential elections have looked more like a referendum on Vladimir Putin’s choice of… » read more

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