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The SCO expands

The EU’s expansion into Ukraine obeys the law of unintended consequences. Alliances that were probably decades into the making are starting to take shape in months, if not weeks. Thus, after ten years of protracted negotiation, Russia agreed to sign the huge gas-supply contract with China last June. The two countries have reinforced their diplomatic… » read more

Whilst the world’s attention was recently focused on a relatively minor incident involving disputed islands in the South China Sea, the 4,000-km disputed border between India and China is quietly being beefed up militarily by both sides. In the words of M. Taylor Fravel, borders specialist with MIT, the border in question is “the most… » read more

Over the past few years, China has become a major player in Central Asia’s oil & gas and in Afghanistan’s mining sector. Its investments in the region are an important part of its worldwide FDI strategy. To date, China’s biggest purchases of gas come from Turkmenistan. In 2009 the Chinese president inaugurated a gas pipeline… » read more

The Menace of Terrorism

The frontline states in the fight against global terrorism, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are two poor, non-Arabic Islamic nations. Every week, regular soldiers belonging to the Pakistani army or the coalition forces in Afghanistan are being killed by Talibans, whose guerrilla fighting tactics have been branded by military analysts as daring and innovative. Could Pakistan’s nuclear… » read more