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In Wolfgang Schaeuble’s Germano-centric EU, no institution is more important – apart from his Politburo-like Eurogroup and the Office of the Chancellor – than his Ministry’s Council of Economic Advisers. The most influential adviser among them is Professor Hans-Werner Sinn from Munich, a Christian missionary-manqué turned tele-economist. Like any good German, Professor Sinn has but a few… » read more

How much more money can be poured into solving the debt crisis before European decisionmakers realise that current recovery strategies do not actually produce the expected results ? The global financial crisis followed by the European debt crisis are proof of an American export turned toxic, namely the Washington consensus. Its commandments, which consist of forcing governments… » read more

Before the G20 meeting in Cannes, the unthinkable happened. To the utter surprise of EU and G20 leaders alike, Greek prime minister George Papandreou dropped the bombshell announcement about the referendum on the bailout package. Stock prices plummeted, the G20 agenda was undermined, and the leaders who had been working to save Greece from default… » read more

Postcard from Northern Greece

I have ended my working summer season back where I had started from, in Macedonia (northern Greece), with a three-week stint at the 5-star Mediterranean Village, 2 km away from Paralia Katerini. Inaugurated two years ago, the resort is located right on the beach and could accommodate around 200 tourists in bungalow-type suites, some sporting their… » read more

Postcard from Rhodes

The latest statistics regarding Greek tourism indicate a drop of 20 percent in the number of visitors over the past two years. Together with my wife, I have lived and worked in Rhodes for about four weeks this summer and as a result I now have a much better understanding of the problems experienced by… » read more

The problems of the Greek economy have received all the attention necessary from large German tour operators, who understand the need to dramatically increase the number of German tourists holidaying in Greece.   Despite recent acrimonious exchanges between parts of the German media and Greek politicians, German intellectuals have always admired the achievements of Greek… » read more