The Age of Crooks and Kleptocrats

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 24/08/12

How much more money can be poured into solving the debt crisis before European decisionmakers realise that current recovery strategies do not actually produce the expected results ? The global financial crisis followed by the European debt crisis are proof of an American export turned toxic, namely the Washington consensus. Its commandments, which consist of forcing governments [...]

EU: State-led capitalism comes of age

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 17/08/12

As the European holiday season draws to a close, I suspect that many EU leaders are loath to return to work. A lack of appetite, given the current economic context, would be perfectly justified. Leading economists on both sides of the Atlantic have noticed that neither austerity measures (the EU’s case) nor monetarist remedies (the [...]

What is Papandreou’s real agenda ?

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 05/11/11

Before the G20 meeting in Cannes, the unthinkable happened. To the utter surprise of EU and G20 leaders alike, Greek prime minister George Papandreou dropped the bombshell announcement about the referendum on the bailout package. Stock prices plummeted, the G20 agenda was undermined, and the leaders who had been working to save Greece from default [...]

Greek geoeconomic agenda in shambles

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 02/10/11

As a general rule, with the exception of Russia and China, few developed countries have a geo-economic agenda of their own. This, after all, is the task of multinational or global corporations. The latter can benefit from logistical state support, but to a much more limited extent than in the past. The situation is somewhat [...]

Postcard from Northern Greece

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 15/09/10

I have ended my working summer season back where I had started from, in Macedonia (northern Greece), with a three-week stint at the 5-star Mediterranean Village, 2 km away from Paralia Katerini. Inaugurated two years ago, the resort is located right on the beach and could accommodate around 200 tourists in bungalow-type suites, some sporting their [...]

Postcard from Santorini

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 20/08/10

This week I have just completed my working tour of Greek islands. My last stop was the “pearl of the Cyclades”, Santorini. Though small, with a land area of only 73 squared km,  from April to October Santorini attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, from every corner of the Western world. In August, [...]

Postcard from Rhodes

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 11/08/10

The latest statistics regarding Greek tourism indicate a drop of 20 percent in the number of visitors over the past two years. Together with my wife, I have lived and worked in Rhodes for about four weeks this summer and as a result I now have a much better understanding of the problems experienced by [...]

Spotlight on Greek tourism

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 24/05/10

The problems of the Greek economy have received all the attention necessary from large German tour operators, who understand the need to dramatically increase the number of German tourists holidaying in Greece.   Despite recent acrimonious exchanges between parts of the German media and Greek politicians, German intellectuals have always admired the achievements of Greek [...]

Austerity measures open Pandora’s box

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 09/05/10

International speculators bent on creating an eurozone debt crisis where there wasn’t one could now rejoice. One of their earlier bets, a no-brainer at that, was that when austerity measures would finally be adopted by the Greek government, mass protests will ensue. On the 5th of May, protest actions which started peacefully a week earlier but [...]

The re-emergence of religious fascism

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 03/05/10

One of the most annoying consequences of the 2007-08 financial crisis, and now of the European debt crisis, is the re-emergence of religious fascism. We’ve seen it all before, in the 1930′s. In Spain, Franco’s fascist regime was strongly backed by the Catholic Church until the end of the ‘seventies. In Romania, Orthodox fascists calling [...]

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    • Austerity fuels the spread of poverty March 3, 2015
      At the end of February, Caritas International has released its 2015 Report on poverty within the European Union. According to its authors, six years of enforced budgetary authority have gravely affected 125 million EU citizens who are now forced to live under the poverty thresholds of their respective countries.The worst-hit countries are EU members such as […]
      Florian Pantazi
    • Eugène Buret on Poverty October 22, 2014
      One hundred and eighty years ago (1834) , the newly-founded Academy for Moral and Political Sciences in Paris organized a competition for the best research paper on the causes and various manifestations of poverty in Europe.  The best research paper on the subject, which won its author  a 2,500 francs prize offered by baron Félix de Beaujour, was “De la Misè […]
      Florian Pantazi
    • Le pape François et "l'économie des retombées" May 18, 2014
      L'Eglise romano-catholique a toujours été concernée avec les aides pour les pauvres, leur éducation et leur bien-être. Les derniers trente ans, toutefois, la plus puissante église chrétienne du monde a pris congé de ce devoir millénaire, sous les pontificats des papes Jean Paul II et Benoît XVI. Pendant cette période, le problème de la pauvreté et les p […]
      Florian Pantazi