A possible exit from the euro crisis

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 14/10/12

Slowly but surely, the set of remedies employed in the hope of solving the euro crisis is now spreading recession from the periphery to the core of the eurozone. Austerity measures, accompanied by an increase in taxes, will bring France’s economic growth to a halt next year. Germany’s growth rate, based on its solid export [...]

FTT’s introduction: a case of too little, too late ?

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 14/03/12

The introduction of an EU-wide financial transactions tax (FTT) has been delayed again in Brussels, as it has met with strong opposition from a group of countries led by Britain. Undaunted, the French and German finance ministers, seconded by the Italian premier, are pushing the Danish presidency to speed up talks on the issue. First [...]

The EU’s austerity-induced recession

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 01/03/12

The eurozone’s unemployment rate has reached 10.7 percent in January, meaning 16.9 million people out of work, of which 5.5 million young people under 25. If we add to these figures the 2.7 million people unemployed in the UK as well as another few million jobless in the other EU member-states, we can understand why the [...]

EU’s Foreign Policy Assessed

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 07/02/12

Amid international media acclaim, the European Council on Foreign Relations has recently released the results of its innovative EU foreign policy research project, the 2012 European Foreign Policy Scorecard. The ECFR’s researchers have assessed the EU’s foreign policy performance in 2011 in six major areas: the relationship with China, Russia, the US, Wider Europe (Western [...]

EU decision-making: going the wrong way about it

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 31/01/12

We’re heading towards a Soviet-style union run by a Politburo made up of national political leaders uninterested in consulting the European Parliament on important decisions affecting our lives. Whilst in Brussels where the EU heads of government were busily hammering out  measures aimed at solving the euro-crisis, Martin Schulz held his first speech as President of the European Parliament. [...]

Towards a two-union Europe ?

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 15/01/12

Standard & Poor’s decision this week to downgrade the country ratings of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, not only aggravates the sovereign debt crisis, but it actually divides the EU in two. The most affected group is made up of the Latin countries bordering the Mediterranean. Their interest bills are going to rise to levels [...]

What is Papandreou’s real agenda ?

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 05/11/11

Before the G20 meeting in Cannes, the unthinkable happened. To the utter surprise of EU and G20 leaders alike, Greek prime minister George Papandreou dropped the bombshell announcement about the referendum on the bailout package. Stock prices plummeted, the G20 agenda was undermined, and the leaders who had been working to save Greece from default [...]

Two-speed Europe

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 31/10/11

The decisions agreed upon by EU leaders during the 26th of October summit – the leveraging of EFSP, the “voluntary” 50 percent reduction of Greece’s debt, improved coordination of fiscal policies within the eurozone countries, the appointment of a super-commissioner with fiscal oversight responsibilities – have all been judged as steps in the right direction [...]

Will the EU outlast the euro crisis ?

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 13/10/11

According to the laws of aerodynamics, the honey bee is too heavy and its wing shape cannot support it in the air. This, nevertheless, does not prevent it from flying and tirelessly collecting pollen every day, which is the essential raw ingredient in the production of honey. The sovereign debt crisis has provided fodder to [...]

Is the eurozone shrinking ?

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 14/09/11

  Over the next few days, EU political leaders have to decide what to do about the Greek debt crisis. Leading economists and quite a number of EU politicians are deeply divided when it comes to putting together another large financial rescue package. Economists like Professor Hans-Werner Sinn and Professor Kenneth Rogoff argue for a shrinking of [...]

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    • Austerity fuels the spread of poverty March 3, 2015
      At the end of February, Caritas International has released its 2015 Report on poverty within the European Union. According to its authors, six years of enforced budgetary authority have gravely affected 125 million EU citizens who are now forced to live under the poverty thresholds of their respective countries.The worst-hit countries are EU members such as […]
      Florian Pantazi
    • Eugène Buret on Poverty October 22, 2014
      One hundred and eighty years ago (1834) , the newly-founded Academy for Moral and Political Sciences in Paris organized a competition for the best research paper on the causes and various manifestations of poverty in Europe.  The best research paper on the subject, which won its author  a 2,500 francs prize offered by baron Félix de Beaujour, was “De la Misè […]
      Florian Pantazi
    • Le pape François et "l'économie des retombées" May 18, 2014
      L'Eglise romano-catholique a toujours été concernée avec les aides pour les pauvres, leur éducation et leur bien-être. Les derniers trente ans, toutefois, la plus puissante église chrétienne du monde a pris congé de ce devoir millénaire, sous les pontificats des papes Jean Paul II et Benoît XVI. Pendant cette période, le problème de la pauvreté et les p […]
      Florian Pantazi